Cyber Evolution

This website is partly for my own interest but also meant to inspire and give to others in the form of knowledge that can be utilized in todays constantly changing technical landscape. The content will be most dedicated to the research and implementation Computer Networks, Network engineering, Microsoft operating systems; Linux Operating systems; and the python programming language. It will encompass my own experience with these technologies with the added twist of my fascination of evolutionary biology, Darwinian evolution and the world of genetics. The latter will be more of a theme to the website.

As in the animal kingdom we can make direct correlations to the functions of todays technology from their social implications to their more hardened application specific functions. We will attempt to draw some of those distinctions using themes from biology/zoology to facilitate an understanding of Information Technology with the goal to make it interesting and fun for my self and others but nonetheless will cover deep and analytically complicated topics. In the end I hope someone can take the knowledge to go get certified on a specific topic, apply something new at work or just have something interesting to tell others.

The attempt may be futile but nonetheless a great sounding board for my agendas.