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Cyber Organisms

Cyber Organisms; What was I thinking?
Well the idea here is incredibly abstract at best but I hope this will make some sense. We know that in our real analog world the rules of nature and Darwinian evolution have evolved almost every creature we encounter on this earth and the same process on other worlds could be discovered as well.
These creatures including our own ape like species can be called an organism. An organism; kinda sounds like what it is. An organized compilation of parts forming a completed ‘ism’ so to speak that we might name Homo Sapiens or German Shepard. I tie this to our cyber world created and for the most part evolved by us humans. And in this digital realm we have organisms similar in context to the flora and fauna of the analog world. This is my though on ‘Cyber Organisms.’ These organisms would be made up of the hardware, software and below it all the programming languages and machine code that makes the instruction set for the software and hardware. All human derived but eerily similar to genetic code in biological animals and like an instruction set for us in the animal kingdom we can say our genetic codes perform very similar functions to that of the machines.