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Downloading Music/Audio From Youtube with Windows

So we like playing music in the car or wherever we are from our phone using youtube. Now lets instead just download our music before-hand and not use our costly phone’s bandwidth! On top of this we just want to download the audio since it is a much smaller file size and will take up little room.

Tool Needed:

Back to my favorite online video downloader: Youtube-dl – This is our simple command line tool we will run in the command prompt to grab our videos with. I have written a previous post on this on how to use it please check that out on figuring out how it’s used.

Downloading Youtube Videos Instead of Streaming on Phone


  1. Grab the URL for your video

Where to grab the URL from the youtube Video:


Once you have that simply run this in the command line(cmd.exe)to download the audio only.

youtube-dl –extract-audio <Enter URL of video>



Final note: Keep in mind it will download to your working directory so in the case above the file was downloaded to my user profile folder.

That’s it. Just upload it to your phone and jam it out in the car!

-Bolivian Gene

Downloading Youtube Videos Instead of Streaming on Phone

So there are several programs to use for this but my favorite has become “Youtube-dl”  It’s a simple command line program you can easily use for scripting and more. But simply its just simple to use and straightforward no gui, just type in the commands on your command line and your set!youtube-dlworks

It involves basically taking the Share URL for the video or Playlist you want and then downloading it to your working directory from the CMD prompt. That’s it we just use CMD for this bad boy.


Here are my notes  on the basic uses. I basically just use it to download playlists to play on my phone using my Home internet connection. This saves my phone’s preciously expensive High Speed data!

USING youtube-dl in Powershell
-install python
-Download youtube-dl
-Download the .exe file for windows and create a folder for it in your Program Files C:\program files\youtube-dl
-Now add it to the environemental path for use in powershell and cmd

  • Go to>Start Menu > Right Click “Computer” >Properties> Advanced System Properties > Environmental Variables button at bottom > Under “System Variables” go to the PATH variable
  • Edit and by adding a “;” to the end enter your path C:\program files\youtube-dl

-Start Powershell or CMD.exe(just type them into the start menu search) ChoosingPsOrCmdand use it as any program you would call with the command “youtube-dl” and add any arguments after see below for simple practical uses
-Keep in mind a video downloads to the current working directory displayed in your CMD prompt(Just open file explorer and browse there)



                                           youtube-dl <url from youtube to video>

-Files are downloaded to the working directory.


youtube-dl -cit <url of playlist>

-Go to the Youtube channel click on the play list (not play all) and you should see a “share” button for the play list for which you can download.
ie: the share button on this page will generate the playlist url:

-You had to update before using powershell in admin mode

youtube-dl -U